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My Apartment: Pandora Lennard, Co-Founder Of The Anti-Agency

Pandora Lennard, stylist and co-founder of the Anti-Agency (a casting agency representing models specifically chosen for their personality, individual style and talent), invited us over to her East London flat.

Naturally, the girl behind an agency that endorses individualism, herself lives in a home that vividly expresses her idiosyncratic style, filling it with Mexican memorabilia, vintage posters and colourful prints.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson Pandora Lennard

The London-based stylist - formerly Fashion Editor at Tank magazine - spends much time on the West Coast which has significantly influenced her cool, kitsch interior style. With her vibrant retro theme, Pandora brings a taste of Mexico and LA sunshine to her Hoxton home.

Where did your love of Mexicana come from and does your interior style differ considerably to the home you grew up in?
My parents' house was very chic and colour co-ordinated. Everything was Nina Campbell fabrics and wallpaper and baroque Louis XIV furniture. I used to hate it, and when I was 14 I covered my wallpaper with hot pink glittery paint from Homebase. My mum despised it. It was pretty gross but I was too stubborn to change it! When I moved out I started to experiment with my decorating taste. I used to be much more gothic so everything was full of taxidermy and medical posters and quite macabre.

A few years ago I started going to Los Angeles for a couple of months a year and my aesthetic really changed. I went to Mexico and all through California. I would go to Necromance on Melrose and get lots of taxidermy but I'd also buy a lot of things at the Rose Bowl flea market in LA.

I love iconography, B-movie film posters, Americana, old porn magazines, Mexican crafts, anything kitsch and really brightly coloured. It just really lifts my mood and I love collecting curiosities!

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson Pandora Lennard

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson Pandora Lennard

When working from home how do you get into office mode?
It doesn't really happen! I usually end up working from bed in my pyjamas so it's best I try to leave the house and work at Shoreditch House instead.

Where do you see yourself living in 10 years?
I'd love to move to LA permanently. At the moment I spend about four months a year there. I'd love to have a big house there, with a big garden and be able to design it from scratch.

I want to tile everything with hand-painted tiles and paint murals on the ceilings! I'd definitely have a room for crafting too. Somewhere with OCD organisation like all the Pinterest moms you see.

Does your interior style reflect the way you dress?
I definitely started to dress much more colourfully in the last few years. I love kitsch clothing! 1950s two-pieces, things with hearts and cherries on as well as 1960s minidresses and 1970s big collars and platform shoes. I like to have fun with the way I dress.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson Pandora Lennard

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson Pandora Lennard

What do you love and hate about East London?
I love being close to friends. I hate how expensive it's getting - everyone I know is just having to move further and further out! I also hate how "city boy" it gets around Shoreditch on the weekend. I live right in the middle of it and it can be a bit gross on a Friday night.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson Pandora Lennard

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson Pandora Lennard

How do you unwind at home?
Usually just listening to music, reading books, doing sculpture or crafting at home.

See Phoebe-Lettice Thompson's shoot of Pandora's amazing apartment below...

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