Names Beginning With A

Baby names beginning with the letter A are becoming increasingly popular.

Looking at the names most frequently searched for in our Baby Name Finder, we found that a lot of you are looking for names beginning with A.

A couple of names in particular are leading the trend. The name Amelia is currently the most popular girl's name in England and Wales, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Never one to miss a trend, Peter Andre and his fiancée Emily MacDonagh named their daughter Amelia in January 2014.

The name Ava has also seen a meteoric rise in popularity, going from being the 753 most popular name for baby girls born in 1996, to the 6th most popular in 2012.

Traditional boys names beginning with A have seen a similar trend emerging, with Alfie shooting up from 119th place to 7th, and Archie going from 192nd most popular to 23rd.

Using the 2012 list of most popular baby names issued by the ONS, we've pulled together the most popular names beginning with 'A' for boys and girls - as well as some of the most unusual, to give you inspiration for a truly unique 'A' name. Top 5 for girls

Amelia - derived from the German root 'amal' which means 'work.' Could a desire to raise industrious daughters be behind this name's rise in popularity?

Ava - the origin of this name is uncertain, but it is believed to mean either 'desired,' 'radiant' or 'birdlike.' Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Jackman and Myleene Klass all have daughters called Ava.

Alice - the Anglicised version of the Old French name Adelaide, which means 'noble one.' Alice has enjoyed continued popularity ever since Lewis Carroll published 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' in 1865.

Abigail - another perennial favourite. This Hebrew name literally means 'my father is rejoicing.'

Amelie - the German and French form of Amelia (see above). Amelie saw a huge surge in popularity following the 2001 release of French rom-com movie Amélie.

Top 5 for boys

Alfie - the shortened form of the Old English name Alfred, which means 'wise' and 'handsome.' Alfie is currently the seventh most popular boy's name, marking a trend for shortened (cuter) versions of traditional boys names.

Archie - like Alfie, Archie is the shortened form of a traditional name: Archibald, which means 'genuine' and 'bold.'

Alexander - a perennial favourite, this name of Greek origin means 'warrior'

Adam - of Biblical origin. Adam is the name of the first man created by God from 'the dust from the ground' and the name comes from a Hebrew word that literally means 'ground, earth, soil.'

Arthur - the origin of this name is uncertain but it is believed to come from Celtic words that mean 'pure or strong as a bear.' Actress Selma Blair has a son called Arthur.

Unusual A names for girls

Ambrosia - a variant of the Italian name Ambrose, which means 'immortal.' Despite a current craze for the undead, this name has failed to find favour among new parents - perhaps because rather than glamorous vampires, it is more likely to bring to mind custard.

Azalia - despite the popularity of flower names for baby girls, Azalia has remained unpopular. A clue as to why, lies in the name's Greek meaning, 'Dry' - a term that which has become synonymous with 'boring' among secondary school children.

Amaryllis - meaning 'fresh' and 'sparkling'. Could be a good choice if you want to get in on the flower trend.

Amethyst - a semi-precious violet-coloured stone. Parents are perhaps put off by the word's Ancient Greek root which means 'not drunk,' in reference to the Greek's belief that the stone prevented drunkenness.

Augusta - of Latin origin, meaning 'great' or 'magnificent' - which is probably why Roald Dahl decided to give the masculine version of the name to the gluttonous character Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Unusual A names for boys

Awesome - three baby boys born in 2012 were called Awesome - we kid you not.

Arte - buck with the trend for little Arthurs by going for this shortened version instead.

Atlas - naming your son after a god who carried the world on his shoulders may be giving him a bit too much to measure up to.

An - a Vietnamese name which means 'peace'.

Amory - a Teutonic name which means 'hard working.' Could be a good addition to your 'boy's name shortlist' if you're a fan of the popular girl's name Amelia (see above).

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