14/08/2014 12:39 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

NekNominate: I Tried The Facebook Drinking Game That's Killing People

If you're Facebook feed isn't already full of #NekNominate videos, count yourself lucky because you're one in a few.

In a nutshell, #NekNominate is a drinking game which involves people who can't accept the fact they left uni over five years ago "necking" an alcoholic drink on camera. They then nominate two others to outdo them by drinking something more disgusting, a larger amount of it or in a weird setting/position etc etc. And it's here to stay, despite health warnings.


So far, two deaths have been linked to NekNominate yet no one seems to be thinking twice about downing an entire bottle of vodka on a Tuesday morning before work. Jonny Byrne, 19, and Ross Cummins, 22, from Ireland both died in separate incidents after allegedly taking part in the "game".

While the worst I've seen on my Facebook feed is a guy downing an entire bottle of wine, another drinking a pint from his sweaty trainer and another drinking a Guinness through a straw while doing a handstand in the middle of the road in just his boxer shorts, it seems there are even worse out there...

One Twitter user told how her FB pal decided to drink his own piss, while a video of another downing a pint garnished with his own faeces has gone viral.

A woman has found herself bombarded with criticism after she swallowed her goldfish and another faces criminal charges after riding a horse into a Tesco supermarket before necking a beer.

In sum, it's bloody disgusting, does nothing but promote "lad" culture and is potentially lethal. So why, when I found myself nominated did I actually partake?

There's a simple answer to this... Peer pressure! Never underestimate the power of the crowd. It's terrible, I feel awful about doing it. I feel even worse about nominating other people to do it too. But when one of my friends told me I'd be a "pathetic disgrace" to wuss out, I actually believed him.

After watching my cringe-worthy video on Facebook I would advise others not to participate if they find themselves nominated. Even if you don't plan on doing something stupid, you'll feel pretty stupid afterwards.

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