14/08/2014 12:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Nursery Worker Warns Of 'Biting' Toddler In Online Advert

Pic of 'biting' child put on Craiglist by nursery staff

An outraged mum has told how staff at her two-year-old son's nursery posted a picture of him on Craiglist with the warning 'Beware of this kid, he bites!'

Toddler Ryan Jones was thrown out of the Tiny Tots daycare facility in Arizona after it was claimed he bit another child.

The nursery's co-owner Carmella Sul then uploaded an image of the little boy to Craigslist warning other parents to 'beware' of him.

Ryan's livid mum Maggie Jones said she was left sickened by the member of staff's behaviour.

"I was sick as any parent would be if they saw their child on the internet," the Daily Mail reports.

She said the problems began when her older son - who also attended the daycare facility - complained he was hungry and not getting enough food there.

Maggie contacted Carmella Sul and pointed out that the fees she was paying should cover all meals.

Shortly after making the complaint, both boys were told to leave the nursery.

"She [Sul] stated that my two-year-old had bit another child," Ms Jones said, adding that Sul also sent her a text saying 'Your kid is a dog and he keeps biting'. reports that other parents had raised various concerns about the nursery, although there have been no official complaints made to the authorities.

The other partner in the firm, Maria Sul, said she remembered Ryan Jones, describing him as 'The little biter. He likes biting kids'.

Meanwhile, Carmella Sul said of her Craigslist post: "I had to warn other day care providers that that kid bites."