14/08/2014 16:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Obese Mum And Daughter Lose 11 Stones Together


Every dramatic weight loss success story has a watershed moment when the overweight person decided: "Enough is enough."

For Cheree Sartain, 24, it happened on a flight to holiday to Turkey.

As she waited for the plane to take off, Cheree – who weighed 19 stone - found that the seat belt wouldn't fit around her waist. She was then mortified to have to ask the flight attendant for an extension belt.

The incident embarrassed her so much that when she returned home to Corby in Northamptonshire, her confidence was shot to pieces.


It was then that her mum, Paula, 46, decided it was time for a change – for her daughter's and her own sake.

For Paula was also overweight, at 17 stone - and together they have battled their bulges to lose a combined 11 stone.

Cheree said: "I planned a holiday to Turkey with my friends but I was mortified when the plane seat belt didn't fit me.

"It was the most embarrassing moment of my life, I knew I needed to change my ways.

"The flight assistant kindly gave me a seat belt extension but my holiday was blighted by my low confidence.

"I hated my appearance; it was embarrassing being so big."

Paula, who was suffering from diabetes caused by obesity, recalled: "Cheree was quietly thinking about ways to lose weight when she returned from holiday.

"Both of us were fed up of being overweight and I agreed to go along to Slimming World for a few weeks to support her but I had no intentions of sticking to it."

Paula, who now weighs 12st 6lbs, after losing an amazing 4st 12lbs, no longer needs to inject herself with insulin, after her diabetes has rapidly improved.

Cheree was addicted to eating chocolate and crisps before joining Slimming World.

In just one year Cheree has lost 5st 12Ibs, she now weighs 13st 2Ibs and enjoys being able to buy clothes on the high street.

Cheree said: "For the first time me and mum can buy fashionable outfits, we've both got new wardrobes with flattering dresses.

"I went on holiday with my friends recently and I actually had to make the seat belt tighter I had lost that much weight."

Before losing weight Cheree and Paula would shy away from socialising with friends, but now they feel as though they can conquer anything.

Paula, who has been supported by husband David, said: "I'm planning a skydive this year, I feel like a new person now I've lost weight."

Cheree and Paula now start the day with two Weetabix and skimmed milk for breakfast, a jacket potato with beans at lunchtime and a hearty dinner of chicken and vegetables.

Slimming World leader, Sonia Mathieson said: 'Paula and Cheree are such amazing women, I'm so proud of what they have achieved."