14/08/2014 12:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

OMG! Check Out Beyonce's New Pixie Crop Hair

Agh! Beyonce has cut off all her hair. And we can't quite believe it. How could she? Why did she? What the? *Tries to calm down breathes heavily into paper bag*.

Yeah she looks great, but c'mon, the long locks... We LOVED them.

beyonce cuts off her hair

The superstar singer who is known for her beautiful honey-coloured tresses has officially ditched her long weave for an super edgy Rihanna-cum-Miley-style crop.

The 31-year-old showed off her new look on Instagram as she posted a snap of herself gazing in the mirror.

If there's one person who can pull off a blonde pixie crop better than RiRi or Miley Cyrus it's gotta be Queen B but we really are miffed as to why she wanted to get rid of her super enviable long hair.

She will no longer be able to do this...

or this...


If you can't tell, we're more than a little bit upset by this news. We're honestly not sure if we'll be able to recover from this.

Better look at loads of pictures of Bey with hair to make us feel better.