Pregnant Katie Price Takes Maternity Fashion To An Eye-Popping New Level

Pregnant Katie Price is no stranger to outlandish maternity wear, but this time she has really outdone herself!

Rather than shy away from the limelight following the scandal surrounding her husband Kieran Hayler's affair with her best friend Jane Pountney, Katie decided now was the perfect time to show the world her true colours - and boy are they bright!

Katie teamed glittery heels with stripy socks and what can only be described as a ragged negligee.

As her crowning glory she completed the ensemble with a tiara featuring - what else - but her own face.


Katie, who is seven months pregnant, also sported a multicoloured wig, which provides a clue as to why she is wearing this elaborate get up (just in case the billboards behind her didn't give it away)!

Katie's new look is intended to help publicise her role as ambassador for a hair dye remover brand called ColourB4.

The appearance comes just a week after Katie threw Kieran out of her home after he revealed excruciating details of his infidelity to a tabloid.

Katie has never been the shy, retiring sort, as the gallery below proves. Who could forget such classic maternity looks as the pink PVC catsuit and the red dress that concealed her baby bump behind a giant pair of padded lips?!