Prince Harry Takes On The Kids In Rugby And Football

Prince Harry has shown his competitive side during rugby and football training kids.

Harry, 29, joined children from the charity Inspire Suffolk for a quick game of tag rugby. He was suited and booted for the game in an England rugby shirt, trackie bottoms and trainers – and he took to the pitch with gusto.

He led a team of children during rugby training, huddling his group together for a pep talk before they walked onto the pitch.

Following the training, Harry donned a pair of goalie gloves and took up position in goal for football training – making sure he well and truly blocked the child's size goal.

And his efforts paid off – he was man of the match and didn't let a ball cross the line.

Georgie Hill, nine, played the game with Harry. He told reporters that the Prince was surprisingly competitive on the pitch: "He was funny and making lots of jokes. He told me I had to stay behind the ball and if I went in front again he would slap me!"

Aryon Tandel, also nine, added: "He tackled me and won the ball but I managed to tackle him back. He was taking it quite seriously."

Inspire Suffolk works with 60,000 young children locally, and aims to educate and motivate children through different sports.

Well, is seems Harry certainly did them proud with his efforts!