14/08/2014 16:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Red Lipstick: Five Things That Happen When You Wear A Rouge Lip

There are two of women in this world when it comes to makeup - those who wear red lipstick and those who don't. For those who dare to rock a rouge lip things aren't always easy... We mean, who knew a mere lipstick could take over your life so completely?

You think we're exaggerating? Well take a read of these five undeniable truths only those who wear a crimson pout will understand...

wearing red lipstick

1. Pouting is unavoidable. There's something about red lipstick that makes your lips act independently from the rest of your face... You don't mean to pull constant duck face, but you literally have no control over it.

2. Every reflective surface is a mirror. Let's face it, unless you've paid a fair few bob for a super long lasting lippy, you'll be on constant, er, red alert for necessary reapplications. But c'mon, you don't want to be totally blates about it! So you come up with sly ways to look at your mouth without others noticing. Hello back of a spoon. Hola apple icon on the back of your iPhone.

3. You'll somehow end up eating your lipstick. Applying lippy half asleep on the train during rush hour when it suddenly veers madly round a corner is never a good idea. You'll end up with lipstick in between your teeth. Yummy. But that's not the only situation where you'll chow down... Eating a sandwich? Lipstick gets all over the bread but you carry on munching anyhow.

4. You ask all fellow red lipstick wearers where theirs is from. So what if they're a totally stranger... and you have chase them down in the street? Needs must and you've GOT to find out where they got that cool crimson hue.

5. No kissing on the lips. It doesn't matter if you haven't seen your boyfriend for six months, or you really fancy giving that bloke in da clu' a full on snog. You will contain yourself because red lipstick smeared around your grill is not a good look. Beauty first. Then smooching.

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