14/08/2014 12:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Shocking First Photo Of Baby Attacked By Fox

Fox attack baby's dad posts tribute to son on Facebook

The devastated dad of the four-week-old baby attacked in his cot by a fox has written a tribute to his son on Facebook.

Paul Dolan wrote 'My poor boy' on his profile page in reference to baby Denny who was reportedly dragged from his bed by the fox at their family home in Bromley, South East London.

The little boy's finger was ripped off in the attack and he sustained facial and head injuries.

Denny spent hours in surgery having his severed finger sewn back on. He also needed stitches to his cheek, and treatment for a black eye, allegedly caused by the fox hitting him against a door frame as he tried to run off with him.

Paul Dolan posted a picture of Denny on Facebook with his hand dressed in a large bandage following the surgery.

The baby's aunt, Lorraine Murphy, 42, said the events had been 'traumatic' and that she had feared the worst when she heard Denny was in hospital.

She told the Telegraph that she was under the impression the fox had entered the family's home through the back door, and had been trying to 'drag' Denny out of the house before his 28-year-old mum Hayley Cawley heard his screams and raced to see what was happening.

Ms Murphy said Hayley then kicked the fox and it ran away.

"The baby was covered in blood and his hand was badly damaged," she said. "The fox was shaking the baby by his hand in its teeth and hitting him off the door frame. There was blood everywhere."

She said that Hayley's actions 'saved the child' because she was 'there so quickly'.

Denny is now being cared for at the Evelina Children's Hospital in central London, where the BBC report he is doing well.

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