Teachers Poured Away Boy's Bottle Of Squash During Heatwave

A mum has pulled her son out of school after teachers poured away his bottle of squash during the heatwave.

Bailey Riley, seven, went to The Bewbush Academy in Crawley, West Sussex, with bottles of squash because he doesn't like the taste of water.

However, his mum Sammie, 25, was shocked when her son told her teachers had been pouring the juice away and replacing it with water because the flavoured drink is against the school's health policy.

The juice was poured away twice in one week – so the mother-of-three decided to take action and kept him off school.

She told her local paper: "The school have pulled me in about it and told me they have a no juice policy.I kept him off school on July 2 and sent him back on the Thursday but again the staff had tipped his juice away and refilled it with water. I was absolutely fuming.

"Bearing in mind it was a really hot week with temperatures of 26C outside, it must have been hitting 30C in the classrooms and my son was unable to drink.

"Bailey came home dehydrated with a really bad headache and I wasn't happy for him to go back to school.

"I was livid that they have been tipping Bailey's drink away."

Sammie spoke to senior staff but was told it was 'water or nothing'.

She was also told that staff had tried putting cucumber and lemon in the drinks to spruce up the water, which didn't work.

She said: "It is part of their health policy but how is it helpful for my son to become dehydrated and unable to concentrate in lessons?

"Of course I'd prefer him to drink water because it's healthier but at this stage I want him to drink rather than being left with nothing.

"I don't think the school should me to make my son drink something he doesn't like."

Headteacher Elizabeth Harrison said parents are able to pack non-fizzy drinks for children to enjoy during break-times, but they must have nothing but water in lessons following advice from health professionals.