Teenage Millionaire Has 46 Employees And Turnover Of £1million After Six Months

A 19-year-old has created a global business that is worth more than £1m just six months after it launched.

Josh Valman is managing director of manufacturing company RPD International. He may be a little young to hold such a senior title, but he was not handed this lucrative position by a well-connected relative - he built the company from scratch.

Josh developed an interest in manufacturing and engineering at a very young age. He began designing robots when he was 10 years old - which isn't so unusual - but what sets Josh apart from other robot-loving boys is that just two years later he spent his life savings of £500 on having his drawings turned into real components in China.

"I've always liked taking things apart," he told The Telegraph. "My father was a chemical engineer. When I was two, he found me scribbling all over plant drawings for Shell. I understood pressure systems before I really understood how to read."

Josh got his first engineering job as a freelance consultant for multinational firms when he was just 15 years old.


I would come in from school and take conference calls with China. No one knew how old I was. The work kept coming in and at one point I was earning £10,000 a week.


He launched his company RPD International six months ago, with a plan to provide small companies with access to teams of designers, engineers and distributors.

On his website Josh says his mission is "to make product design and manufacturing accessible to everybody."

"Everybody has ideas," he writes. "So why should resources be the limiting factor to what this world can achieve?"

RPD currently employs 46 people and will turn over seven figures this financial year. Clients include a jewellery company that creates pieces for high street retailers including Topshop.

Josh may already have proven himself as an accomplished businessman, but he has not lost his love of engineering, and alongside his role as MD he has taken up a Sunday job as a junior engineer at his own firm.