14/08/2014 12:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Five Most Hated Valentine's Gifts Received By Women Are...

That lovey, wovey, dovey time of the year is looming. You know, the majorly over the top commercialised-within-an-inch-of-its-life day in February. The one time to really say "I love you" - that's what the card companies say anyway. Yes, Valentine's Day is a-coming.

But guess what? There are five gifts it seems none of us ladies actually want on February 14th, according to research by the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association.

You might want to share this with your significant other...

1. Household appliances.
Really guys, are you kidding? Don't even go there with the whole domestic goddess thing. Buy us an iron or a hairdryer and you're out.

2. Underwear two sizes too big, or small.
If you've been together for a good stint of time (one year +) you should totally have this down already. Along with the right colourways. If it's a new thing, just don't risk it unless you're willing to do the ground work AKA ask someone in the know.

3. A card with money inside.
Nothing says "I love you" like a few actual bank notes, right? Wrong. Unimaginative and totally offensive.

4. Dying flowers from a service station.
Valentine's flowers, the perfect gesture if you seek out a little florist who will whip you up a one-off bouquet. Opt for something different - red roses are a mega cliche - and do not expect BP or Esso to having what a girl is looking for.

5. Chocolate.
It's the beginning of the year, we're trying to be good (green juice detoxing ourselves into oblivion) and you show up with a supersize tray of Lindt chocolates? It's not ideal.

Valentine's Day should be happy-making, so lets not put a massive downer on it. Here's a playlist of tracks to pick you up ahead of next month...