14/08/2014 12:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Idiot Box: What To Watch This Week

In this latest episode of The Idiot Box I take the opportunity to recommend the best show currently on TV and then try to work through my Jack Whitehall-related issues. So, sit back and enjoy - I promise there's not an Ant, a Dec or kangaroo scrotum in site.

Must watch... The fact that Armando Ianucci's Veep is on Sky Atlantic (Wednesdays, 10.35pm) has meant it hasn't gained the following of his other great satirical sitcom, The Thick of It, but it deserves equal billing. Its star, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is magnificent as Vice-President Selina Meyer and the assorted supporting characters are great too, with lanky White House dogsbody Jonah (Timothy Simons) being mine, and probably everyone else's, personal favourite. If you haven't got Sky then I'm sorry to say you're missing out, and if you are in this predicament, a hasty purchase of the Season One box set is your only option.


Maybe watch... As I might have mentioned before, I suffer from a rare condition known as Whitehall-itis, which causes my skin to blister whenever Jack Whitehall pops up on TV. Or to put it another way, every five minutes. I'm in real trouble with his latest chat show Backchat (BBC Three, Wednesday, 9pm), as it gives us double Whitehall, with Jack sharing hosting duties with his dad. According to Twitter, everyone in the world found last week's first instalment, featuring Danny Dyer and Jeremy Paxman, hilarious. Everyone, that is, except for me.


Being related to Piers Morgan would be more fun than watching... What Happens in Kavos... is back this Thursday on Channel 4 at 10pm. In case, for some bizarre reason, you really are wondering what happens in Kavos, let me fill you in so you don't have to waste your time watching this dreck: A bunch of British people go to Kavos, get pissed and act like tossers. The end.

Soap Duds... That old soap staple, the EastEnders wedding, is back this week with Alfie preparing to get hitched to Roxy (BBC One, Monday, 8pm). On Friday the Moonster psyched himself up for the big day by snogging his ex, Kat, but does he have it in him to jilt Roxy at the altar? To quote Cilla (as all high-minded TV critics must do on a regular basis), it's make your mind up time, chuck.


Film of the Week... The less you know about Bart Layton's astonishing documentary, The Imposter (More4, Saturday, 10.20pm), about the disappearance of a young American boy, the better. All I'll say is it's an engrossing, disturbing and slightly morally dubious piece of filmmaking.


Catch up with... The current format of Film 2013 with its main presenting duo of critic Danny Leigh and The Talking Fringe (aka Claudia Winkleman) has done us all a favour and banished memories of Jonathan Ross fronting the show. It's a sharp and funny round up of the week's new film releases, and if the ludicrous late night Wednesday slot (BBC One, 11.05pm) is too much for you then the iPlayer is the place to go.


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