14/08/2014 16:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Question: Guys, Why Do You Love Your Beard And How Do You Groom It?

It's officially Movember which means fellas will be forsaking the clean shaven look and growing it all out.

This got us thinking about dudes with facial hair, namely beards, because there is definitely something suave, sexy and a teeny bit hipster about a guy who is the proud owner and practiced groomer of one.

We caught up with 10 dapper gents in our office to get the low-down on their beards, how they look after them AND if they really do attract attention. The really good kind...

Rotimi Kuforiji, Product Manager, AOL:
"I've had a beard on and off for about a year. To keep it looking good I use a beard oil and comb everyday - as well as shampooing it. Yeah, it does ok with the ladies."

Tom Bowens, International Account Executive at Be On:
My beard? I've had it since forever - or stubble at least. Now I like a full beard because it's fashionable - at first I wasn't sure but grew on me!

I think you can take less time grooming with a full beard because it's pretty low maintenance. I don't use products but take great comfort in chin stroking."

Dave Leonard, Managing Editor at AOL and The Huffington Post UK:
"I've had a beard ever since I was able to grow a full one. When they became really fashionable I was like 'YEAH I'm going to rock the beard!'

Now a full beard definitely compensates for the hair on my head. I use Beardsley
Ultra Conditioner for Beards from Carter and Bon to tame the frizz and a Philips face hoover.

The worst thing about having a beard is constantly being paranoid about having food in it – not a good look!"

Tom Cotton, Digital Designer at Be On:
"I've had a beard since I was about 17. Without it I literally look like a five year-old.

It's definitely a conversation starter with blokes and women - and yes my girlfriend likes it. In fact she shouts at me when I shave.

I trim every month or so - I don't have a comb no, but I twizzle and scratch it all the time."

Tom Flack, Managing Editor at AOL and The Huffington Post UK:
"I've had a beard for two years, mainly because when I'm clean shaven I look about 21. The beard adds a good five years at least.

Grooming wise I trim once a month, and yes, I'd say it works with the ladies. But you'll have to ask my girlfriend."

Azaz Chowdhury, Video Engineer at Be On:
"I've had a beard for ages and it's grown thicker and more progressively over the years.

I trim it every two weeks and then occasionally shave it all off completely and start over again. This makes it look thicker and more natural."

Matt Bagwell, Celebrity Editor at The Huffington Post UK:
"I've had my beard for six years now and I've never shaved it off. It allowed me to really embrace my image (and the ginge!) and it makes me feel more masculine too.

I trim every couple of days and YES my partner loves it too."

Ashley Percival, Celebrity Reporter at The Huffington Post UK:
"I stopped shaving at about 22 and started wearing a full beard - mainly because I'm lazy and it saved me shaving every morning. PLUS it gives the illusion of a jaw line and I love that.

Grooming wise I simply give it a trim once a week."

Saif Uddowlla, Video Engineer at Be On:
"I've had a full beard since I was about 23, mainly because I'm too lazy to shave so often and then it became a big trend. I'm used to it now - it's something to play with.

I don't really groom it - I just use whatever's going in the shower, but I do notice guys with other beards. Especially guys with really impressive beards that would have taken ages to grow in!"

Ali Syed, Publisher Manager at Be On:
"I first styled a goatee when I was 19 after seeing Pirates of the Caribbean and thinking the guys looked really manly. So I gave the ruggish look a try and it just stuck - it's part of my personality. I trim about it about two to three times a week."

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