14/08/2014 16:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

This Kickstarter-Funded Actress And Her Play About A Sex And The City-Inspired Fantasy

A London actress is staging a play about a teenager trying to recreate a Sex And The City-inspired rape fantasy with her new show F*cking Outside The Box, set to debut at Vault Festival in February.

Oxford School of Drama alumni Jessica Burgess got funding for her one woman project via Kickstarter and the piece, which is her debut as a writer, explores "the affects of hyper sexualised media on young people's relationships, sex lives and self-esteem".

The show follows Frankie - an 18-year-old trying to recreate a scene from Sex And The City with a man she's met at a party.

So far, so interesting. Making the project even more compelling is Burgess' influences, which include working as a teaching assistant where she found girls were often polarised as "frigid or sluts".

A self-confessed fan of the HBO programme, the actress found the character of Samantha most interesting. However, in her video on Kickstarter, she observes: "I realised if I acted like that I'd be held up to a lot of judgement from both men and women."

Watch the full - not to mention bloody brilliant - video about F*cking Outside The Box below and follow the project on Twitter @FOTBplay.