14/08/2014 12:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

This Week You Should Try... The Honestly Healthy Fridge Fill

Now I'm not claiming I understand the exact science behind the ideal pH balance but I can tell you I was shocked to discover that when a lemon is digested it's alkaline and cows milk is acidic. Weird right?

Well anyway, turns out the modern everyday diet is jam packed full of acidic food that we don't even realise we're chowing down on. With a heavy summer of eating (and drinking!) under my belt I was starting to feel worn out, bloated and generally under the weather.

this week you should try the honestly healthy fridge fill

I'm not sure about you but getting a cold in August isn't exactly ideal. So when I found out about the Honestly Healthy Fridge Fill I was sure all my food-related prayers would soon be answered. An alkaline diet that doesn't feel like a diet at all. Why? Because you actually get to eat food!

And when all your meals and snacks are delivered to your home or office it's super easy to stick to the foods you're meant to be eating.

So for three days I munched on meals prepared for me by Honestly Healthy and sipped on surprisingly tasty juices. I've tried tried out a juice-based diet before, and even grew fond of Gwyneth Paltrow's "best green" smoothie when I had a go at her eating plan, but I've gotta say none of the above were nearly as enjoyable as the drinks on offer from Honestly Healthy.

There was none of the standard struggling to gulp down pretty much undrinkable liquids, and no minging aftertaste. Winner!

After three days I'd said goodbye to my mid-summer cold and those tummy growls I usually get after my lunch had settled down. Most important lesson learned? Bread is just as enjoyable if it's gluten free. Oh and don't be scared of beetroot, it can totally be your friend.

The Lifestyle 3-day fridge fill is available from Honestly Healthy for £137. Check out the website for more information and other diet plans.