14/08/2014 12:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Top Baby Names 2012: Harry And Amelia Most Popular Choices For Second Year

Top baby names 2012: Harry and Amelia most popular choices for second year

Harry and Amelia are the most popular names for new babies in England and Wales.

The names have stayed as favourites for new mothers and fathers, as they were also top picks in 2011.

The area covered by the data from the Office for National Statistics includes the North East, North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, East Midlands, West Midlands, East, London, South East, South West and Wales.

Harry was the top choice for a boy in all bar three of these areas. Muhammad was the top name for a new baby boy in London while parents in the North East opted for Jack and Welsh parents picked Jacob.Among the boys' names, Riley replaced Joshua in the top 10, climbing five places from number 13 to number eight for baby boys.

Among the girls, Mia and Isla replaced Ruby and Grace in the top 10 by climbing six and seven places from numbers 13 and 15 respectively to fill the seventh and eighth slots.

In Wales, Jacob was the most popular name for baby boys, replacing Oliver, while Amelia replaced Lily as the most popular name for baby girls.

There were 729,674 live births in England and Wales in 2012, with more than 28,000 different boys' names and some 36,000 different girls' names registered. The top 10 only account for 13VIRTUAL-Gallery-120007%