14/08/2014 12:57 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

TOWIE Mum's Outrage After Feeding Her Baby Tesco Milk 10 Months Out Of Date


Tesco is investigating after a reality star mum from the show The Only Way is Essex inadvertently fed her baby milk from that was 10 months out of date.

Model Jerri Lee, 28, gave two-month-old daughter Milan a bottle of HiPP organic milk she had bought as part of an £8.50 six-pack at Tesco's Barkingside store in Ilford, Essex, on her way home from an assignment.

But within moments the baby was sick and then remained ill for two days.

When Jerri checked the bottle she found that the milk she had just given her baby was from a box of six small bottles whose sell-by date had expired 10 months earlier.

Jerri said: "You don't know what could have been in that bottle. They expire for a reason – who knows what harm it could have done?

"She is not a sicky baby but she was sick continuously over a 48 hour period. I was absolutely disgusted, the bottle was nearly a year old, she was only two-and-a-half months old, it's awful.

"It is milk for a newborn, so it could have been so much worse, with an immune system that has no back up. It could have been so dangerous."

Jerri, from Epping Forest, took Milan to her doctor who confirmed her daughter had been made sick by the milk.

She messaged the HiPP helpline where staff told her there was nothing dangerous in the product and it could not do any lasting harm to her baby. Jerri then complained to Tesco, but was only offered a refund.

A Tesco spokesman said: "We are taking this matter very seriously and are urgently investigating how this has happened."