Wayne Rooney Gives Son Kai A Big Cuddle And A Kiss

Wayne Rooney made us smile with these lovely photos.

Few things make our hearts soar as high as a public display of affection by a dad to his child – such as this wonderful demonstration of love by the footballer with his four-year-old boy, Kai.

It just shows that it doesn't matter how rich or famous you are, the one thing that bonds all of us parents together is our feelings for our kids.

Here, Wayne, 28, took a sneaky break from training with England for the World Cup to give his lad a big cuddle and a huge smacker-roo.

Wayne's wife Coleen, 28, flew the boys out to Portugal so the striker didn't miss youngest son Klay's first birthday.

Wayne, 28, put a picture of himself with Kai on Facebook and said: "Good training session today and Kai was there cheering."