14/08/2014 12:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Wedding Hair: Mine WILL Be Perfect

Our bride-to-be blogger Claire Adams is determined to have flawless tresses on her wedding day, but two things stand in her way. 1) Deciding what she wants and 2) having hair that simply will not curl...

Until a couple of months ago I wasn't the type of girl who had a favourite hairdresser they would only allow to touch their hair.

I 've moved pretty frequently over the past 5 years so tend to pop into the closest salon and see who is available there and then.

That had always been a fairly successful approach until around 6 weeks ago when I had a very unfortunate fringe incident.

Maintaining a fringe is actually a lot more complex than you might think. What length is best? Is it typically straight or wavy? Chopped into or blunt? Thick or thin?

And so, when my last hairdresser got slightly carried away with mine and chopped a huge chunk off the side of my head to widen my fringe (why? WHY?!) it suddenly occurred to me; who can I trust to style my wedding hair?

Obviously I wasn't going to get my hair cut on THE day (that's a thrill-seekers's game) but I have notoriously difficult hair that refuses to hold a curl so whoever is responsible for my bridal style will require god-like genius, Mo Farah level determination and maybe a stiff drink.

FLICK! Bridal Hair Inspiration

So - as with my shoes - I fished for recommendations, and my fiancée's cousin raved about Beauty Call, who made her hair so awesome it's cray cray for her big day.

To give you a bit of info, Beauty Call have a head office in Shoreditch but stylists based all over the country so regardless of where you get married you can call them up and book one in to come to your location. Plus, their hair trials are complimentary so there isn't another £80 added on top of the total cost.

I called them, confirmed that yes, they did have someone free on my wedding day and guess what? My particular stylist Rosie does TV hair - my wedding hair would be telly-level flawless!

Ahead of my trial, I've sent over styles I like the look of so she can prepare for our time together. I've been advised to should work out if I want my hair up or down, straight or (in my dreams) curly, fringe or no fringe, hair accessory on top or keep it plain.

Having started this process now though, I'm actually realising I've no idea what I'd like! And being as indecisive as I am I really hope Rosie won't mind that there is absolutely no consistency in my image choices or style preferences – this trial may be a long afternoon for us both.

I do feel a lot more relaxed about my wedding hair now though. I am trialling the look first, she's doing it in my own house, she's coming to my hotel on the big day and one thing is for sure; I will definitely not be asking her to cut my fringe.

Prices start at £250 for bridal hair and makeup including the trial.