14/08/2014 16:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

What's Wrong With Being Ginger?

What's wrong with being Ginger?

I remember it so clearly... We were sat in a Thai restaurant with some friends. I was 8 months pregnant and feeling ready to pop.

At the table in front us us were four people who were chatting away. I wasn't listening in, but it was a small place and – Ok - I was totally listening in. You see, I'd heard the word pregnant.

Woman 1: Did you know Sarah is pregnant?
Woman 2: No! How far?
Woman 1: About 4 months?
Woman 2:Do they know what they're having?
Woman 1: Nope, don't think they mind. As long as it's not GINGER!
And much laughter followed.

Hmmm... I felt myself getting all hot and bothered, I don't know if it was just pregancy hormones. But at this point we were about ready to leave. So, I steered my battleship of a bump towards the door, and their table and said.

"We quite like Ginger babies".

I watched them look up, notice my bump, and my hair and look embarrassed. I didn't stay any longer I just swished my ginger locks and waddled out.

You see, I just don't get it. I have ginger hair. It's not strawberry blonde, it's not red. It's Ginger.
But that's all it is. Just a hair colour.

Isn't it?

At high school I was teased constantly about it. I would have given anything to have brown or blonde hair, but my parents wouldn't let me dye it. I was called all sorts of horrid names and one girl who was selling prom tickets told me that Gingers weren't allowed to go to Prom. Rude.
Then I went to college. All of a sudden, overnight, people were telling me how lovely my hair was. What a good colour it was...


What happened there then?

I've grown to love it now, but I don't understand the stigma attached to ginger hair. Even when I was pregnant someone said to my face, 'What will you do if she's ginger?'.
I think I've heard it all now:

  • At least yours isn't too bright.
  • It's worse for boys.
  • You could always dye it.
  • Some people love ginger hair.
  • It's a recessive gene you know. Sometimes it doesn't get passed on.

I think I might start a campaign.

'Ginger's for Prom Queen'.

Apparently, from what I've seen, it's not recessive. Oops.

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