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Whatever Happened To... Brandy

Moesha Mitchell was a Los Angeles girl struggling to cope with a difficult stepmother and the increasing pressures of becoming a woman - boy, did we love her.

She disappeared from our screens in 2001 and while the actress who portrayed her, Brandy Norwood, continued her acting and singing career, we're not 100% sure what's become of her since the early Noughties.


1. She had a reality telly show
In 2001 Brandy started dating music producer Robert "Big Bert" Smith, but their relationship wasn't revealed until the following year when Brandy announced she was expecting her first child. Cue the aptly named reality show Brandy: Special Delivery which followed the story of her pregnancy and birth. A year after they welcomed daughter Sy'rai Iman Smith, the pair split.

2. She committed the cardinal sin of tattoos
Brandy found love again in the form of NBA star Quentin Richardson. The pair got hitched in July 2004 and the singer/actress got his face inked on her back (yes, really!). After 15 months they called off their engagement and Brandy was forced to get the tattoo of Quentin's face transformed into a cat! Don't believe us? Then click here.

3. She's been sued
A Texas charity filed a lawsuit against Brandy in January 2014 for backing our of a show last minute. Soul Tree Collective, host of the annual Austin Urban Music Festival, filed a suit citing they hired Brandy Norwood for $30,000 to headline the 2013 festival, paid for her hotel and travel, and leased equipment as required by contract. The charity claimed her management called 24 hours ahead of the show to say she wouldn't arrive as scheduled... They also asked for an even more "exclusive and expensive suite."

4. Kim Kardashian styled her
After singer Brandy appears on a worst-dressed list in 2004, Kim Kardashian was hired as her personal stylist. Riiight. We're not sure we'd trust a woman who dresses like this to dress us...

kim kardashian

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