Winona Ryder: Six Reasons Why She's The Coolest Actress In The World

Have you seen Winona Ryder's latest V Magazine cover? It's gothic, shot by Mario Testino and maybe the most interesting thing on news stands this month. There's just something about the actress that's eternally intriguing, cool and stylish in a completely effortless way.

And her films reflect that - even the ones from way back. Mermaids, Edward Scissorhands, Reality Bites and Heathers are as relevant and cult today as they were in the 1980s and 1990s.

So, what is it about Winona fashion - and everyone else - can't get enough of? We trawled the archive and found the pictures that kind of explain why she is, and always has been, the coolest actress in the world...

1. She was doing grunge back in the 1980s (that's before everyone got into Nirvana and did it too)

Post-Beetlejuice, Winona became a grungey music video star! In 1989 she starred in 'Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two-Headed Love Child' by Mojo Nixon and rocked a blonde wig and dark eyebrows better than anyone ever had or has since. Watch the full thing here - it's kind of strange.

2. She didn't dress up for photoshoots...

In 1994, National Geographic photographer Joe McNally was scheduled to shoot the star in her New York flat. Did Winona try to look fancy for the occasion? No way - she stuck on a baseball cap and strummed her guitar. Too. Cool.

3. ...or even really get dressed for them

4. She and Claire Danes were pals during the My So-Called Life era

Imagine hanging out with these two! They starred in Little Women and How To Make An American Quilt together and thus, a beautiful friendship was born.

5. She made the whole Marc Jacobs shoplifting thing totally work in her favour

This W Magazine cover *dies*.

6. She was Rachel's big kiss

Remember when Winona was in Friends? She played Jennifer Aniston's old friend - who had a huge crush on her - in the episode 'The One With Rachel's Big Kiss'. Totes hilare.

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