World's Most Cringeworthy Pregnancy Photos

First it was baby bump art, and now we've found a new way for mums-to-be with dubious artistic talents to commemorate their pregnancy. These staged pregnancy photos are... questionable, to say the least.

For most of us, pregnancy is a time of joy excitement (alongside a fair bit of exhaustion) - so we can hardly blame those who want to shout their news from the rooftops by posing for pics with their baby bump. But we have to wonder what some of these mums-to-be were thinking...

The questions raised by some of the cringey pregnancy pics have us scratching our heads.

Why would you wrap yourself in a curtain to show off your baby bump?

Are pregnant S&M dominatrices a thing now?

And who exactly thought 'pregnant Mexican wrestler' was a photo niche that needed filling?

And what exactly pushed a couple to pose with their swollen bellies pressed together (one due to pregnancy, the other probably due to a few pints too many)?

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Others show even shakier judgement. While it's always nice for a girl to know her dad is looking out for her, a photo that shows a man with one arm around his pregnant daughter's neck while the other points a handgun at the camera isn't exactly the way we'd want our old man to show he cares.

It's hard to choose a favourite among the hilariously awkward and downright bizarre choices, so we've put together some the very best. They have to be seen to be believed, so check out the gallery below and have a giggle.