14/08/2014 12:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Would You Date A Friend In The Absence 'The One'?

New York designers Jessica Walsh and Tim Goodman (pictured below) are doing a 40-day experiment. An experiment to see if - in the absence of finding "The One" - dating a friend is a satisfying substitute for that heady rush of instant true love, lust and attraction.

Having embarked on a similar mission myself a few years ago - albeit one, shamefully, in which the other party wasn't aware he was a guinea pig - I have to say dating a friend in my experience never works.

Would You Date A Friend In The Absence 'The One'?

The friend I got into a relationship with was handsome. He was funny, clever, interesting and really nice to me. Also, we had everything in common - taste in music, political stance, even our family background. Christ, there's nothing in his wardrobe I wouldn't have considered stealing.

But every little thing that made us compatible on paper was knocked out the park by complete absence of chemistry and spark. Sex was weird - it was polite, because good friends don't want to bother each other with dirty talk, demands of nicer underwear or kinkiness.

And every time we were out together, I'd see someone who I definitely wouldn't want to be well-mannered with in bed and feel guilty. What a terrible friend I was. Hence why the relationship didn't work and we only remain pals now because he - not I - is such a good person.

Walsh and Goodman's rules for their 40-day courtship are as follows: seeing each other every day, going on three dates a week, completing a daily questionnaire, visiting a couples' therapist every week, going on a weekend trip together and abstaining from dating, kissing or having sex with anyone else.

They will reveal the success of their experiment on August 18th and you can check their progress every day until then here.

But here's the question: would you start dating a friend if Mr Right annoyingly didn't show up? Let us know by tweeting us @MyDailyUK.