14/08/2014 16:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Would You Pay For Your Engagement Ring?

Is romance dead? No really, are the days of being whisked off your feet, poetry and flawless proposals gone? I'm thinking YES, and I'm blaming YOU Tinder (read: all online dating haunts).

When it comes to having fallen hook, line and sinker for someone, I'm really, really not there yet. That said, this doesn't mean I'm not a whole lot baffled by the results from Today's survey on SPLITTING the cost of an engagement ring.

The poll revealed 44 stuck to their traditional guns, insisting he who asks should pay. I'm totally down with the latter and here's why...

1. Hearing the guy you love say: "Babe, how about we go halves on the whole engagement ring thing" equals INSTANT dismissal. You're not at a ruddy steak restaurant.

2. There's no mystique, no surprise, no "I've planned this to a tee because I really am capable and I'm ALL the man you need in your life" *does Hollywood movie kiss*.

3. It might mean he hasn't checked in with your Dad to get that all-important approving nod. Dude, come on now.

4. If he/the both of you are really that broke HE SHOULDN'T BE PROPOSING ANYWAY.

5. Suppose the marriage doesn't quite go to planned? If you did split the cost - who pockets what?

On the other hand - and I say this with great regret - there could be a teeny chance your fella may not be able to pick a ring that's just perfect for you. In that case, I guess helping to choose your bling might be appropriate - but splitting the price? No. Just no.

Need a little to-die-for engagement ring inspiration? Take a twirl through this dreamy gallery, a gal's gotta sparkle - whatever the cost...