Peter Andre Shows Off His Dodgy Cornrows In Twitter Holiday Photos (PICS)

Peter Andre has clearly learned nothing from Cheryl Cole and David Beckham's brief and ill-advised dalliance with cornrows by getting a full head of his own.

Let's face it, when two bona fide, modern day style icons can't get away with the look, then it's probably best to give them a very wide berth.

Even the fact that Pete's ex-wife and nemesis, Katie Price, once had them done wasn't enough to put him off.

Peter Andre

Pete showed off his dodgy new barnet in a selection of holiday snaps he shared on Twitter, including one of him posing in a swimming pool with his seven-month-old baby daughter Amelia, in his arms.

Heck, even she looks embarrassed by her dad's braids.

To be fair, even Pete sounds like he's regretting his new 'do, captioning one snap: "When in Rome? Or Africa… Ok the hair maybe a step too far haha".

The 41-year-old is currently holidaying in Africa with his fiancée Emily MacDonagh, their baby daughter Amelia and his other two children, Princess and Junior.

Pete announced his engagement to 24-year-old Emily back in January.

Speaking to OK! magazine about Pete's proposal, Emily confessed it was a complete shock and left her in tears.

"He always said he'd like to do it before the baby was born and I just thought he'd do it after - I was happy, I didn't need a ring, but it was amazing," she explained.

Pete added: "She said: 'Are you serious?' and burst into tears - it was so emotional. We lay down in the nursery for ages because it was such a special room to us."

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