15/08/2014 05:46 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Summer Themed Baby Names

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If your baby is due in June, July or August, have you considered giving them a name that reflects a summer birth?

Interestingly, in the Office of National Statistics review of the most popular baby names for 2013, Summer (number 48 in the annual rankings) reached number 23 in July but fell to number 94 in December while winter themed Holly (number 33 in the annual rankings) was the fifth most popular name for girls in December (number 24 in January) but fell to number 50 in July. When it comes to choosing a baby name for a boy or a girl, inspiration can often come from the natural world. For instance, the Miwok tribe of Native Americans historically chose a baby's name based on the way the stream water looked at the time of the birth.

Names from the natural world may not always work - few children will appreciate being called Foggy or November -but a seasonal name can be an evocative way to commemorate your child's birth.

We've rounded up some of our favourite summer names for boys and girls. Some of them you'll probably recognise, while others are less well-known - but as far as we're concerned, we think they're all beautiful.

Apollo (m) - Greek god of the sun and light

Cyrus (m) – 'the sun', Persian

Dayton (m) – 'bright and sunny town', English

Haf (f) - 'summer', Welsh

Helen (f) – 'light', Greek

Hina (f) – combination of words for 'sun' and 'green plants', Japanese

June (f) - self-explanatory! English, from the month named after the Roman goddess Juno.

Lennor (m) – 'summer', Gypsy origin

Lucasta (f) – 'pure light', from Latin 'lux casta'

Marisol (f) – derived from the name Maria, but in Spanish it sounds like 'sea and sun'

Muriel (f) - 'bright sea', from the Irish Gaelic name Muirgheal

Samson (m) - 'sun', Hebrew

Sandy (m) - another obvious summer name! English shortening of Alexander

Sheiling (m) – 'from the summer pasture', Scottish

​Summer (f) - we had to include this one!

Sunniva (f) – 'sun gift', Norwegian,

Suvi (f) - 'summer', Finnish

Teresa (f) – 'summer', Spanish from the Greek 'theros'

Tesni (f) - 'warmth from the sun', Welsh

Vera – (f) 'summer', Albanian

Or how about a floral name associated with summer? During the warm months, all kinds of lovely blooms come to life and these summertime flowers make particularly good girls' names - Rose, Lily, Iris, Peony, Tulip, Veronica, Lavender, to name a few.

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