This Is What A Black Hole Sounds Like

The phrase 'in space, no one can hear you scream' isn't strictly true.

As this terrifying audio clip of a black hole reveals, it's very clear that you can, in fact, hear a great deal from space. It just depends on what you count as sound.

The noise itself is eerily familiar, but at the same time it's abundantly clear that it originates from something completely alien.

While you certainly wouldn't be able to hear a person try and produce any sounds with their vocal chords, that's not really what you should be listening out for in the first place.

Sound as we hear it requires the vibration of molecules, as there are no such molecules to vibrate in space it's impossible to get anything from simply holding a microphone up at the sky.

Instead scientists are able to take the signals we get from celestial objects like stars, nebulas and indeed black holes, and then turn those radioactive waves into sounds that you and I can recognise.

Of course with sounds coming from space the results are never going to be anything other than impressive. The deepest sound ever recorded in fact came from a black hole, the recording they gathered was a million billion times deeper than a human is capable of hearing.

CNET has rather handily compiled some of the best sounds that can be heard from space, along with a brief history of how it first became possible to 'eavesdrop' on the solar system.

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