World's Most Expensive Apartment Is £240M, And Probably Worth It

What you're looking at is the world's most expensive apartment. It's the top-floor penthouse apartment inside the new Tour Odeon skyscraper being built in Monaco. How much you ask?


Everything about the apartment is bespoke, from the rooftop water slide to the incredible interior. The building will house 71 flats in total and comes with its own in-house catering service and 24-hour concierge.

There's even a health centre so if you're taken ill you won't have to go any further than the ground floor begging the question: why would you ever leave?

If you can find the answer to that question then there's a helipad on the roof which can fly you to the airport, or down to your car if you just hate the idea of being in a lift.

The huge skyscraper will be the first tall building built on the Monaco skyline in over 30 years after construction was halted over fears that the iconic skyline would be ruined by an invasion of tall buildings.