This Invisible Chair Lets You Sit Down Literally Anywhere

This Invisible Chair Lets You Sit Down Literally Anywhere

Chairs are frustrating objects, in that they have to be physically present for you to use them.

How analogue. How backward. How... life 1.0? Is that a phrase?

Anyway, to combat the problem of having to literally have a chair in order to sit down on a chair, Swiss startup types Noonee have a better idea. Their concept is to attach a lightweight exo-skeleton to your puny human legs, and engineer them in such a way that you can sit down anywhere - without a chair.

The wearable seat is designed to keep factory workers more rested and alert mid-shift, and involves a new locking mechanism that can hold the weight of a human.

Meanwhile a battery-powered dampener takes the weight off your back and legs by directing your weight to your heels.

The prototype design is still in the early stages, though they claim that Audi and BMW are already interested.

Noonee says that its "technology is a powered, lightweight and energy efficient lower limb (legs) posture support device. It is designed for static as well as dynamic industrial market applications to increase the users' health, comfort and productivity. We aim to change the experience of industry workers in Switzerland and the world allover."

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