23/08/2014 10:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Designer Sarah Burton Reminisces About Creating The Iconic Gown

More than three years after Kate Middleton tied the knot to Prince William in April 2011, her wedding dress designer Sarah Burton has revealed details of the process and spoken fondly about working with Kate.


In the lead up to the big day, details of Kate's dress were shrouded in secrecy, with rumours rife that everyone from Issa and Alice Temperley, to Bruce Oldfield could be responsible for the gown. But it was a full-sleeved, hand-embroidered Alexander McQueen gown which she emerged in, and it's become the most iconic dresses of the 21st century.

And while Sarah made a small statement at the time, in respect of the confidentiality in the lead up to the Royal wedding, she's said relatively little about the process, until now, in an interview with The New York Times, T Magazine.

"I know we live in a culture obsessed with fame, but I happen to believe privacy is a virtue, and the relationship I have with my clients is private," she explained.

"Some people like to think I've been too shy or that I'm afraid to speak up about the happy experience I had creating the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress, but I can tell you that is nonsense. I have never been a shrinking violet or a person who is ruled by fear."

The 40-year-old then went on to speak about the "friendship" she made with the Duchess during the process and what an "honour" it was to work on.

"I loved making the dress, I loved adapting my ideas to suit the person and the occasion, and we put our hearts into it," she said. "I respect the intimate nature of that lovely project and I respect the friendships that were forged during it... an instinctive, intelligent, imaginative young woman's wish for a beautiful wedding dress - or any kind of dress - is the most natural thing in the world. I was honoured to pick up the challenge and always will be."

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And she admitted: "I had no idea it would be as big as it was. Only the night before, seeing all the photographers outside the abbey, did I think, 'Oh, my God. This is massive.'"

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