Russian Bank Gives Away A Free Cat With Every Mortgage (Dog Lovers Need Not Apply)

When you're looking to get a mortgage the things you usually consider are the size of your deposit and the interest rates available - but one bank is using a somewhat alternative method to lure customers through the door.

Russian bank Sberbank is offering a free cat to every new mortgage customer.

Yes, really.

According to the BBC, once customers sign up to a mortgage at Sberbank they are given the choice of 10 cats.

But feline fans shouldn't get too attached to their new pets, mortgage customers don't actually get to keep the cat long-term.

Sberbank's website states the cat is only given so that it is can be the first to cross the threshold of the property.

The bank make this offer as many Russians believe a cat is sign of good luck when moving home.

Customers can play with the cat for a maximum of two hours before Mr Kitty is whisked off to grace another house with its luck-bringing presence.

You can watch the bank's YouTube advert below - even with the language difference, you'll get the gist.


Cats Doing Impressions