ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Is The Definitive Guide To Celeb Friendships: From ‘X Factor' Judges Simon Cowell And Cheryl Cole To Victoria Beckham... And Jeremy Clarkson

If you still have no idea what the Ice Bucket Challenge is, then we can only assume you’ve been living in a cave for the past two weeks, as the fundraising craze has taken over social media, with plenty of celebrities taking part.

While it’s a lot fun watching the likes of Anna Wintour and Piers Morgan chucking cold water over themselves, the most interesting thing about the ALS challenge has to be the nominations each star makes.

Simon Cowell, who sits at the top of our chain, unsurprisingly opted to nominate his fellow ‘X Factor’ judges to take the plunge next - but who was expecting Gwyneth Paltrow to choose her estranged husband Chris Martin?

While a few of the A-listers are yet to take part - Kim Kardashian, we mean you - a number of this charitable lot have, giving us one of the most comprehensive guides to who’s pals with who (and who Ronaldo wants to see in a wet t-shirt).

Feast your eyes on this...

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