7 Reasons Why Your Period Might Be Late That Have Nothing To Do With Pregnancy

Most gals look forward to our periods with more anticipation than we do our birthdays.

OK, that may not be entirely true, but there's no denying how relieved one feels when the river runs red and the sheer panic when we find that our period is late.

Because - even if you used a condom, are on the pill and used the 'withdrawal method' AKA made him pull out - there is always a teeny weeny risk you could be pregnant.

But a late period does not automatically mean you're up the duff, in fact there are plenty of reasons that could be throwing a spanner in the bodily works.


In the video above The Frisky's Amelia McDonnell-Parry outlines seven reasons your period may be late - and none of them have anything to do with being pregnant. Thank God.

From stress to weight gain (or loss), the reasons for a delayed period are plentiful. But that said, there is still a risk of pregnancy, so do take a pregnancy test if you are concerned.

"I have been having pregnancy scares since before I even started having sex," jokes Amelia. "Luckily, I’ve never actually been pregnant - just further convinced that sometimes the body likes to play mind games."