03/09/2014 10:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Competitive Dad Falls Showing Off To Son


Some of us fathers of the genus Embarrassus Daddus will go to any lengths to impress our kids – especially in public.

It's why our children spend their teenage years refusing to acknowledge our existence.

Of course, there's dad dancing, hugging our offspring at the school gates, and beating them (at sports, not with a belt!).

And this week we shared the story of dad-of-two Will Reid who uploaded a set of instructional videos to YouTube to shame his teenage children into changing the toilet rolls (we can only imagine the grisly opposite effect).

But now Will and dads like him (me!) have a kindred leader in the form of this splendid example of fatherhood in China.

Story continues after the video

CCTV footage from a train in Guangzhou shows the dad watching his agile son swinging from handrails and overhead bars.

But you can almost see the dad thinking: "Ha! If he thinks THAT'S good, wait 'til I show him how it's REALLY done."

And thus, the dad leapt into the air to show off his athletic prowess on an overhead rail – only for it to collapse under his weight.

You can feel the man's pain – but not as much as the agony of his son's embarrassment.

Beijing parenting expert Ho T'ang told Chinese TV: "It's actually the boy I feel sorry for. Sometimes children never really recover psychologically from the embarrassment of seeing their father make a serious fool of himself in public.

"It is bad enough in normal life, but now social networking means that the whole world can see your shame."

Scarred for life his son may be, but to us fathers of the Embarrassus Daddus species, the man's a legend!

But can he beat Dale's dad?