Food Porn At Its Finest: Designer Teams Up With Photographer To Create Delicious Art

This Isn't Just Any Ordinary Food Porn...

Food porn in all of its glory, these photographs composed by Berlin-based designer Nora Luther and photographer Pavel Becker have got us, quite frankly, salivating all over the place.

The purpose of this carefully curated piece of art?

To show off one of the most important pleasures of life. Food. And healthy food at that.

"The raw ingredients rest in moments of weightlessness," Nora and Pavel told HuffPost UK Lifestyle in an email.

"These images show you, almost like a recipe, what ingredients - in which form and quantity - are needed to compose a delicate meal."

Featuring fresh, scrumptious-looking ingredients being thrown into the air, the photographs offer a teaser of what goes into healthy recipes including alpine meadow couscous with mushrooms, chili vinaigrette and a Mediterranean rosemary fish dish.

The duo added: "The photographs tease the pleasant anticipation of fresh food and its preparation while the look of the ready cooked dish is left to your own imagination and creativity.

"The photographs capture the anticipation surrounding food and preparation, while the look of the finished dish - which we are often faced with in recipe books and on social media - is left to your own imagination and creativity."

Still not hungry after reading that? Feast your eyes, ladies and gents...

Serrano ham with baked zucchini and spearmint

Up In The Air: Food Porn At Its Finest

It's like those slow-motion, mouth watering M&S adverts all over again.

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