10/09/2014 00:15 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Funny Posts From UK Bloggers


Anyone who has a child knows that being a parent can be moving, tiring, inspiring and magical. But it's often just plain ridiculous, and the only sensible response is to have a good laugh at our own expense.

We've pulled together some of our favourite funny posts from the UK parent bloggers who have reached the finals of the 2014 MAD Blog Awards, sponsored by

The winners in this year's awards will be announced at a ceremony on September 19. Good luck to all of our finalists!

First up in our funny round-up is the brilliant Katie from Hurrah for Gin who says what we're all thinking – why does Pinterest make us feel like bad parents?

If you've never cut a sandwich into an animal shape, and you've ever breathed a sigh of relief when it rains because, thank goodness, you can put on Toy Story and get an hour's peace – then Hurrah for Gin knows exactly where you're coming from.

Meanwhile, Eeh Bah Mum has produced a handy guide for toddlers, called What Mummy Really Means. Because let's face it, often we don't say what we really mean with our children. How often have you said, "Please could you pick up your coat?" when what you really meant was, "Oh please, please, please, just follow one tiny instruction for once?"

Some questions, of course, are better left unasked. Top of the list, surely, is "Why do you think I'm a bad mum?"

Luckily, Morgana at But Why Mummy Why is made of sterner stuff than most of us, and she valiantly (or perhaps foolishly) asked her children why they thought she was such a bad mum. How do their answers compare to what your kids might say?

It's all very well getting out and about during the holidays, but what about when the weather won't co-operate? Jane from Northern Mum tries out surfing in the Great British Summer, with hilarious results.

Finally, we loved this post over on Just a Normal Mummy, A Letter to my Baby Brother.
After getting over the disappointment of Mummy being pregnant with a girl, the toddler has some great advice for the forthcoming new member of this family – starting with, "Never let the folks get too much sleep. Makes them too chirpy. You get more biscuits when they're virtually dead from the face down".

For more great insights into being a parent, don't forget to check out all this year's finalists at the MAD Blog Awards website at or follow the #MadBlogAwards hashtag on Twitter.