09/09/2014 07:19 BST | Updated 09/09/2014 07:59 BST

How To Land A Plane, If You Have To

How easy is it to land a plane? No, we don't mean a small two-seater, we mean a massive jet that's carrying hundreds of passengers.

It's unlikely you'll ever have to -- unless of course you're a pilot -- but with so many action films showing the hero land a plane at the last minute it seems like a myth that needed to be solved.

YouTube celebrity Tom Scott decided to find out --and then teach us -- how to land a plane with little to no training whatsoever.

how to land a plane

Well it turns out it's both harder and easier than you might think. The hard aspect is actually controlling the plane: they never behave like you'd expect them to and remembering all the different controls can be a nightmare.

The easy part is once you've remembered all the controls because auto-pilot systems are so advanced now they can practically talk you through the entire process.

Find out how Tom and his companions did when they tried to land their planes in the £1m Virtual Aviation simulator.

The video was part of Comic Relief and YouTube's School of YouTube which aims to educate us mere mortals in performing superhuman tasks while raising awareness for the millions of children who don't have proper education. A worthy cause we think you'll agree.