09/09/2014 13:22 BST | Updated 09/09/2014 13:59 BST

Nutritionist Shares Top Tips To Make Your Pregnancy Easier

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The Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to hospital this week for acute morning sickness - also known as hyperemesis gravidarum.

What that means is that Kate will be suffering from excessive vomiting during the early stages of her pregnancy and, as a result, could become seriously dehydrated.

This made us think: pregnancy can be hard work. And it can be even harder when your nutrition is in a state of disarray.


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Cue Henrietta Norton, head of Nutrition at Grace Belgravia and founder of Wild Nutrition, sharing her top five foodie tips for mums-to-be.

From avoiding dehydration (a major cause of constipation, morning sickness and serious headaches) to why eating protein is incredibly good for your baby (thumbs up to that!) - prepare to be enlightened...

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