Touching Video Captures Bride's First Dance With Her Father Who Is Dying From Cancer

For many fathers, dancing with their daughter on her wedding day is something they dream about for years, and one lady was determined to make sure her dad's dream came true.

When Lisa Wilson married her fiancé Robert Pantoja, she changed the location of their wedding so she could have one last dance with her dying father.

Lisa's father, David Wilson, was in the last days of a battle with a rare cancer when she moved her nuptials to his bedside at UCI Medical Center in Orange, California.

In the video above, uploaded to David's Facebook page before he died Tuesday night, the newly-weds share their first kiss as a married couple before Lisa takes her father's hands and begins to dance to "I Will Always Love You."

Speaking to CBS2, Lisa said having a hospital wedding wasn't "a bride's dream", but she was glad it gave her father the chance to be involved in the ceremony.

According to Lisa, David objected to the idea at first because he wouldn't be well enough to get up and dance.

"I said you don't have to. I want to dance with your hands," she explained.

The pair had their father-daughter dance, which was lovingly captioned "the best gift a daughter could give" on Facebook.