Justin Bieber Strips To His Calvin Klein Underwear, Shows Off Toned Body During 'Fashion Rocks' (PICS)


Anyone who follows Justin Bieber on Instagram will know that he can’t seem to keep his top on these days, and this certainly proved to be the case on Tuesday night.

Beliebers the world over let out a shriek of joy when The Biebs appeared in a segment during the ‘Fashion Rocks’ show during New York Fashion Week, and couldn’t resist the temptation to show off his toned torso.

Oh alright then

He then told his co-presenter Lara Stone: “I don't feel comfortable unless I'm in my Calvins,” before whipping off his top and showing off his ever-growing tattoo collection, which now includes a huge cross in the middle of his chest, the word “forgive” and his mum’s birthday in Roman numerals.

Incorrect Roman numerals, mind you, but Roman numerals all the same.


The singer then took things another step further, and off came the trews, leaving Justin standing in nothing but his Calvin Klein underwear, much to the delight of his legions of his fans.

Justin delights his fans with a side view

Justin later joked about his impromptu strip on his Twitter page, posting a short clip where he is even seen thrusting in his underwear:

Justin had appeared on stage to promote British singer Rita Ora - who performed a similar stripping act herself during a performance in London earlier this year - but clearly decided he could also use his time to show the world what he looks like in his skivvies.

This is clearly the effect that Rita has on male celebs, as she previously encouraged Zac Efron to whip his shirt off during the MTV Movie Awards back in April.

Justin Bieber performs on the street August 20, 2007 in Stratford, Canada. (Photo by Irving Shuter/Getty Images)

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