This Model Steps Into The Shoes Of An Acne Sufferer By Undergoing A Transformation

Have you ever imagined, for a second, what it would be like to wake up with a skin condition such as acne? For some, it's a reality. For others, it's probably quite difficult to understand how dramatically it affects a person's self esteem.

When you have a minor breakout on your skin, it can be a HUGE deal (we've all been there). But imagine if that breakout was 10 times worse? And you had to live with it every minute of the day?

That's acne, and that's what this advert from sk:n clinics is all about.

Model, Megan Morewood - who, some might say, relies on clear skin to do her job - underwent a makeup transformation to help her truly empathise with sufferers of the skin condition, in particular her little sister who suffers with severe acne.

Speaking to the camera pre-transformation, Megan says: "In my line of work it's very important to have clear skin. On the other hand, my sister's had quite a difficult time with her skin."

"She suffers with severe acne and it's something that affects her confidence levels on a day-to-day basis and how she sees herself," Megan added.

The skin transformation, which was carried out by celebrity make-up artist Liz Tagg, involved covering Megan's face with a layer of prosthetic acne and then using makeup to 'touch up' the areas in order to make them look more realistic.

The finished result? Watch and see.