Gmail Hack: How To Check If You're Affected

UPDATE: The tool appears to be struggling to cope with demand. In the meantime change your password.

More than five million Gmail passwords have reportedly been leaked online in one of the largest mass incidents of identify theft in recent months.

Security experts are in a frenzy, and Google has already responded saying that only 1-2% of the passwords appear to work with their accounts. Questions remain over whether the passwords are Gmail passwords themselves, or just passwords associated with Gmail passwords from other sites.

Either way, we're guessing the main question you have is "am I on the list?"

Fortunately, there's an easy way to check.

Numerous sites have popped up online to help you check if your email was on the list. Unfortunately there are also security concerns about some of those sites, and generally speaking typing your email into a random website isn't a great way to go about protecting yourself. Meanwhile numerous 'copies' of the list appear to actually be viruses themselves - so don't download those either.

But now a new tool has popped up from a trusted company, which seems to be the best way to check if you're affected.

The tool, which can be found here, allows you to securely check if your email address is on the list.

Whether it is or isn't, however, our advice remains the same: change your password, memorise it (or use a tool to remember it), and turn on two-factor authentication.

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