Katie Hopkins: 'The One Thing I Need As A Fat Person Is Tough Love. It's Not Fat Shaming, It's Honesty' (EXCLUSIVE)

Katie Hopkins has spoken out about the sympathy and support she believes overweight people wrongly receive and says they should take a good look in the mirror and do something about losing weight instead.

The outspoken star recently piled on four stone in three months 'to prove a point to fat people everywhere' and, in an exclusive blog for The Huffington Post, says 'the shame of being fat' is enough to motivate her to get back into shape.

Katie Hopkins has put on nearly four stone in three months for a TV documentary

"The one thing I need as a fat person is tough love," she writes. "I put this weight on intentionally and it will be a struggle to lose it.

"But the shame of being fat is enough for me to know I can't afford to stay like this.

"Knowing people are calling me fatty or laughing at me from or at my behind is enough to motivate me to get back to a size eight.

"When you are fat you have two options. One is to stand naked in front of a mirror and admit I am fat. I need to do something about this. There are no excuses.

"The other is to buy into the sympathy and support, listen to people that say they don't judge and keep on supersizing your world to protect your feelings.

"The latter may seem like the easy option but it isn't. Being fat is hard."

The former 'Apprentice' star did admit that carrying around extra weight has been tough, but refuses to have any sympathy for anyone who is overweight.

"Carrying around four stone or more in body weight is tough," she says. "My knees ache, my thighs rub together and my gut festers on the top of my legs when I sit down.

"If, like me, you are carrying extra weight - I would encourage you to face up to the fact life is better being slim. Step away from the Krispy Kremes and walk for an hour at lunch.

"We do need to tell people they are fat and we shouldn't flinch from saying things which are difficult. It isn't fat shaming. It is honest."

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