12/09/2014 11:59 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Sues Council After Daughter Fell Off Park Slide

Manchester Evening News

A mum is suing a council after her five-year-old daughter fell off a slide and fractured her skull.

Ella Reger fell from the top of a six-foot high slide at a park Hazel Grove, Stockport, two years ago.

After the accident, her mum Rebecca Farndell campaigned for safer parks, which resulted in the removal of unsafe play equipment from 16 parks and play areas.

Now, following legal advice, she plans to sue Stockport council over what she claims are its failures to make improvements to both the park and the slide where her daughter was hurt.

An expert report commissioned by the mum's solicitors, reads: "Stockport council knew the slide and its surfacing did not meet requirements."

Ella, now seven, still suffers from headaches and also experiences some behavioural problems.

Mum-of-three Rebecca, 32, told the local paper: "She fell from the top of a high slide onto the hard floor. "She could easily have been dead, and when she fell, I thought she would be.

"It was horrendous, she was slipping in and out of consciousness and in a really bad way. Council officials were saving pennies and risking our children's health."

Rebecca led a campaign to raise £11,800 for a new local park which is due to open soon.

She said: "At least we know that will be safe. It's too late for Ella though. It has changed her personality, she gets upset very easily and has become quite aggressive at times."

Rebecca's lawyers are claiming damages from Stockport council for the failure to install impact absorbing surfacing, failing to make the slide safe with higher guard rails and for exposing Ella to the risk of significant injuries.

In July the council revealed plans to spend £280,000 on play facilities in parks. A council spokesman said it couldn't comment because of ongoing legal proceedings.