Hulk Lifts Up Tower Bridge (For 'Disney Infinity 2.0')


Disney Infinity was one of the best new gaming experiences of last year, taking the classic mouse-ears universe and turning it into a hybrid of Minecraft and Skylanders.

Now it's back with Disney Infinity 2.0, and the cast of characters has been augmented by Marvel (and Disney's) cadre of Superheroes.

Ahead of the game's release Disney turned to the traditional tools of the PR trade (projections) and the traditional London site of PR stunts (Tower Bridge), but combined them into something genuinely cool.

The video, which shows the various new Infinity-style incarnations of Iron Man, Spider Man and the Hulk running around London doing all sorts of clever, 3D-ish things, is pretty neat as these things go.

Disney Infinity 2.0 is out later this month on most major formats.

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