10 Ways To Improve Your Phone's Battery Life

Anikei via Getty Images

The daily battery drain is a common problem for modern phone users.

Back in those heady early days of mobile use, your phone could be on standby for weeks without needing a recharge.

And, although you could only text, call and play a very limited selection of games, it was almost always there when you needed it.

However, these days, unless your favourite function on your smart phone is the off button, or you’re sporting a retro style feature phone like the Nokia 515 with its fabled 38 day standby time, you’ll probably find yourself searching for a charger in order to continue that game of Bejeweled before the day is out.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), more than 1.2 billion smart phones will be shipped in 2014. It’s a major challenge for smart phone manufacturers to try and match the battery life of those earlier phones whilst delivering ever more powerful functionality.

And it is one that’s being addressed by the latest models, including the Galaxy S5 and new iPhone 6 Plus which both feature improved battery power.

But, the reality remains that the more we demand from our phones the greater the potential strain on our batteries.

So, what can we do to maximise our mobile power right now?

According to power management expert Charles Limonard at, the key to maintaining good battery life is to stop your device “from trying to do too much at once”.

Sounds simple in practise, but do you know exactly what your phone is getting up to in the background and just how much 4G could be draining your power even when you’re not using it?

With this in mind, here are 10 great hacks to help you check what your phone is doing and boost your battery life.

Tips For Extending Battery Life