Maths Professor Blasts Students' Poorly Written Emails In A Very Funny Video Tutorial

"This 'LOL'? You and I are not in a relationship yet where we can just chuckle and laugh about things..."

Yes, any students planning to write an email to their lecturers might want to watch this video first. It was posted by Marcus Anderson, a maths professor in Michigan - and it's a handy guide to not using text-speak in formal situations.

And before you go thinking that Anderson is publicly shaming the student: 'cartmanrulez99' a fictional creation, based on "two or three poor emails put together," explains Anderson on YouTube. "I would never post an email of a student to the Internet nor would I suggest anyone else ever doing that."

Moreover, he adds, he's not youth-bashing. "In my opinion, each and every generation is smarter than the previous generation," he writes. "I have seen that first-hand in my twenty years of teaching. If you think that there were no dumb people in the past, think again."

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